Put on your dancing shoes and bring a friend!

13 years YUM YUM!

You might have heard… we’ll be returning big time to where it all started for me so long ago. On Feb 9th we’ll be making an appearance at Grammatikoff (formerly known as Hundertmeister) and I can’t stress out enough how grateful and excited I am!

As it happens we’ll be celebrating our 13th anniversary as well. A fun fact we kinda almost overlooked to be honest! What started out as the first satellite of the mothership from Munich ran by DJ Chrome exactly 13 years ago in February 2006 became a national household name with more residencies I can count over the years and even the occasional trip abroad.

I connect a fair share of good memories to that place and I’m so looking forward to catch up with old friends and familiar faces!

As always… put on your dancing shoes and bring a friend! Can’t wait to meet you on the dance floor!

In the meantime check out some of the mixtapes to get you in the mood!

PS: I’d love if you’d send me some pictures if you have any or share a personal story you connect with YUM YUM from ye olde days. Maybe your favorite song? Send me some! get@tandwilliams.com

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